Monday, May 30, 2005

Several New Destinations

The TC&P Ry. Co., in the interest of serving the public, has announced several new destinations for the electronic traveler: -The Sheila Variations. Sheila makes list for a variety of reasons, but a single post nails it: She reads Robert Conquest on J.V. Stalin at 0300, and likes it. Hiiiiiiiiiighball. -No Such Blog. The series on Pan Am is reason enough to make a station stop. Plus, NSB connects us to... -The LaurinLine. Not to be confused with the Springmaid Line. This particular publication is run by a pleasant-seeming young woman who hails from South Carolina, out of Darlington County. Or maybe that's Dahlintun, unless I'm mixing my South Boston with South Carolina in terms of accents. Post of note: "Pirate Keyboard"


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