Monday, June 13, 2005

In re Michael Jackson

This is the first, last, and only thing I'll have to say about it. Allow me to quote Michelle Branch's "Are You Happy Now?" by saying the following: "I don't care". The case does, however, allow me to illustrate a point: A criminal defendant may be as guilty as can be. Whether he is convicted or not does not turn upon that question. Rather, it turns upon the relative skill of the prosecution and defense teams. A poorly-defended man may be convicted of a crime he never committed. A well-defended man may not be convicted of crimes he committed. Orenthal James Simpson, I'm looking at you. I have no articulable opinion on the case other than to state that by this point in time, parents should be on notice that funny things keep getting alleged in regards to Mr. Jackson, and that any parent who willingly allows their child to spend time at the Neverland Ranch should be on constructive notice of same, and thus be barred from civil recovery. Criminal liability for neglect of the child should be considered as a charge against those same parents. Bah, enough of this.


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