Sunday, October 30, 2005

It's Defeat Time in Tennessee!

Normally, college football isn't something I get particularly excited about, unless I'm over at a friend's cheering for whoever he isn't. That being said, I do have a few teams that I like in the NCAA, and "Wherever Spurrier Is" is one of them. It necessarily follows that the Tennessee Volunteers are one of my favorite college football punching bags. Therefore, I am pleased to note that Steve Spurrier's South Carolina Gamecocks triumphed in Knoxville last night, defeating Phillip Fulmer's Tennessee Volunteers by a score of 16-15. As the Ol' Ball Coach put it, "God is smiling on the Gamecocks". That's a tame remark for a man who once cracked that, "You can't spell Citrus [Bowl] without 'U-T'" or who dubbed in-State rival Florida State University the "Free Shoes University", after FSU players were found to have accepted free shoes from some unauthorized party. Nevertheless, Spurrier's wise-acre remarks regarding opposing schools are either the stuff of celebration or the justification of blood oaths sworn at midnight. As for me, I'm always happy to hear him mock the other team, especially when it reduces dyed-in-the-wool alumni to vein-popping rage. (That being said, it can be a very lonely place in a sports bar near the Tennessee border when you're one of about three people cheering for Florida...) Congratulations to the Gamecocks, a harsh 'ha ha' to the Volunteers, and three cheers for Stephen Orr Spurrier. I'm betting that Laurin Manning will be pleased. --- Addendum: Too bad I live in Virginia and have no cognizable ties to the University of South Carolina, or I'd probably have a USC hat by now. That is, if they'd make one that said something other than what most of the ones I've seen do. Perhaps this one, even though it's not that generic white that I used to like.


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